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Kwast's Law

DK Episode 25 - July 20, 2020 - Duration: 04:22

Kwast's Law: If you're searching for a sexy, smart, and sane woman, it's impossible to find all three qualities in the same one.


0:00:01.2 Drawk Kwast: Kwast's law states, if you're searching for a sexy, smart, and sane woman, it's impossible to find all three qualities in the same one. If you've slept with more than 10 women, you've probably already figured out that the crazier they are, the better they are in bed. If you've slept with more than that, you've probably started to wonder if you will ever find one who's a perfect combination of sexy, smart, and sane. The answer to this question is, in fact, no. And you're about to learn why as we look at the different types of girls.

0:00:44.5 DK: We'll call him Dr. Dave to save him what little dignity he has left. Dr. Dave had just moved to Las Vegas and met a very sexy, very smart girl, working at his local strip club. This girl did wonderful things like blowing him while he drove his car. Dr. Dave told everyone about his new girlfriend and his friends, we were a strange combination of horrified yet jealous. Before too long, Dr. Dave and his girlfriend were married. She stopped stripping, while he paid to move her family out of the trailer park and sent her to law school. Two weeks after passing the bar, she used her new law degree to draft divorce papers. She took him for over a million in the divorce. She's a sexy, smart, sociopath.

0:01:49.9 DK: So why is it that a sexy girl can't also be sane and smart at the same time? There is a very simple reason for this impossibility. A sexy girl who's smart realizes how much power she has over men. The sexier she is, the more power she has, and if she's smart enough to know this, logic becomes unnecessary as her emotional swings create new rules by the minute. Personally, I'd rather insert my manhood into a box of thumb tacks than have sex with an ugly girl. So that simplifies the remainder of this conversation to sexy, dumb girls.

0:02:39.4 DK: In my previous video titled, Why Men Prefer Sexy Dumb Girls, I talked about how men don't notice intelligence from 35 feet away, but they will notice a great rack and a tight ass. The allure of a sexy, dumb girl is simply she's sexy. The danger of her dimwittedness won't surface until the day after you take her home when she sets your kitchen on fire while trying to boil water to make mac and cheese. I'm not speaking metaphorically here. This actually happened to me. Yes, seriously. She was sexy, sane, and as dumb as a bag of hammers.

0:03:29.9 DK: Unfortunately, when it comes to being with a sexy woman, this is a problem without a solution. A smart man understands the game and continues to play because he enjoys playing, but he ensures that he can walk away at any point without much hassle or penalty. Keep playing and the day may come that you're sure you've discovered sexy, smart, and sane all in the same package. If that day happens, hold on to her. Just don't be surprised if you discover you were wrong.

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