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Irish Spring Douche Soap for Men

DK Episode 3 - May 21, 2019 - Duration: 05:29

Drawk Kwast calls customer support for Irish Spring, to ask them about their douche soap for men.


0:00:08.6 Drawk Kwast: So, Irish Spring, a traditionally masculine soap brand, to my shock and horror, has literally labeled its product for men, "douche." What? Let's call them.

0:00:27.7 Irish Spring IVR: Thank you for calling the Colgate-Palmolive Company. Para continuar en espanol, por favor presione el uno. If this is a medical emergency, please press nine now to be transferred to a health care professional. For information on where to purchase Colgate-Palmolive products, or to order a material safety data sheet, please press 1. For all other inquiries, press 2 or stay on the line. Your call will be recorded to enhance our customer service and for quality assurance purposes. We will maintain the personal information you provide in accordance with our privacy statement available at

0:01:17.7 Irish Spring Representative: Thanks for calling Colgate-Palmolive Consumer Affairs. My name is Arthur, and your name?

0:01:22.9 DK: Hi, Art. My name is Drawk Kwast, and I have a perspective that is going to be very important to your marketing department. So I, up until the last bottle I purchased, was a devout Irish Spring customer. Why? It's very masculine, manly stuff that smells good and it works, and your commercials are awesome. However, I noticed on the last bottle that I purchased, that this is obviously a bottle that was intended not for America. I am in California. When I look at the back, I see that it says the, "Colgate-Palmolive Canadian Inc. Distributor, Toronto, Canada." Which explains why there's a bunch of French on the container. Now, that's fine and dandy, except for one small problem. When you look at the bottle, front and center, right under the Irish Spring logo, it says, "Gel douche." Now, I'm smart enough to know what that means in French. However, I will not buy soap that says, [chuckle] front and center on the front, "Gel douche." And I'm sure that any other person that would take the time to notice that, is also not gonna go with the "Masculine Irish Spring douche soap."

0:02:52.7 ISR: Okay. We do thank you for that information that you have provided, and I'll be more than happy to update that information here that you did state here. And I do use that same douche soap as a body wash. It is a great body wash. It's just a French word for shower. A lot of people don't know that.

0:03:13.5 DK: So you use the douche soap, that's what you just said, really?

0:03:16.6 ISR: Yes.

0:03:17.3 DK: Are you trying to get this call posted on the internet? [chuckle]

0:03:20.8 ISR: No, I've used it myself.

0:03:24.6 DK: I mean seriously, the representative at Irish Spring just told me how much he loves the douche soap, really? [chuckle]

0:03:32.3 ISR: Sir, I just advice that...

0:03:34.5 DK: Here's the deal. I understand in America that half of Americans now, which are here illegally speak only Spanish. So I'd understand if it said under body wash, something like, "permanezca sentado por favor." Okay, I get that. But the amount of French people in America that can't read English, that number is like five people. So the idea that you would put "douche" on the outside of the container, and then defend it by proudly saying that you use gel douche yourself, that's just ridiculous. I'm putting the call on the internet. You have a good day, sir.

0:04:18.1 DK: Wow. Wow. Okay, so before I get a bunch of comments saying, "Hey, Drawk, in your last video you said, Don't make fun of the customer support rep." Eh, kind of. Here's the thing. I told you in the last video that you don't want to tear into the person that picks up the phone for something that they didn't do. So in the case of the last video, the customer support rep had nothing to do with the packaging. In that call, however, the customer support rep proudly said that he's retarded, so we tear into him for that. Anyways, here's what I'm doing, for those of you that think that my channel is gonna be all about crank calling. It's not. What I'm showing you is how to practice with customer support when it doesn't matter. So my next video, "Put me in the game, coach. Let's play for real money." That'll be the next video. I'll keep the videos coming.

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