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Getting It Right

DK Episode 22 - July 12, 2020 - Duration: 10:15

Drawk Kwast explains that when you get it right the first time, that is luck. When you get it right the second time, that is knowledge.


0:00:02.6 Drawk Kwast: When you get it right the first time, that is luck. When you get it right the second time, that is knowledge. I personally know of no way, and oh I've looked for it to become magically lucky 100% of the time. So, I got an email from someone that used to read my newsletters that I used to send out many, many years ago. This is like six, seven years ago. And apparently, I had given some advice about Bitcoin back then when the Bitcoin prices were very low, and ah let's just say I had more than a strong hunch that the prices were going to shoot to the fucking moon, which they did. Anyways, I got an email from this person a few days ago, and they had mentioned in the email, we were talking about something else, and they said "Hey, I've learned to seriously take your advice, because you gave some advice on Bitcoin and I missed out on it and could have really impacted my life." And it got me thinking about this concept, and it's the same concept, whether it's money, whether it's sports, whether it's women, and it's this defect in the human brain where we seem to think that there's some magical method to get it right the first time, but here's the thing, and we beat ourselves up over this, and I'm gonna explain this, so you're not so emotionally tattered through life when this happens to you.

0:02:01.0 DK: What's happening is basically this. Like imagine going bowling for the first time, and you throw the bowling ball down the lane, and you expect what? To get a strike the first time. What happens when you throw your first bowling ball? It ends up in the gutter, and you're amazed at how difficult that game actually is when you don't know how to play it. It's the same thing when I'm training guys to pick up girls at bars. They want this magical piece of knowledge that they can walk up to the girl, and the very first approach to the very first girl, it works, and the definition of works is that they go out on a date, and then they get married, and then they have kids, and then their kids have kids and they have 20 grandchildren, and it just all works out the first time.

0:02:55.3 DK: Life doesn't work like that. And we seem to think that when it doesn't work out magically lucky like that, that there's something wrong, and the reason why we think there's something wrong is because we experience emotional pain because of it. So when you miss out on a business opportunity, you experience emotional pain and you think you should have gotten it right, because pain is the universe's way of telling you you did something wrong. Right? So we go bowling for the first time, and our friends that have probably been bowling once before that took us, they laugh at us when we roll our first ball and it ends up in the gutter and we feel pain and we think, well, I obviously did something wrong because pain is the universe's way of telling you you did something wrong. Or the girl in the bar, you're learning how to pick up girls, and you get the courage to walk up to that first hot girl and say that magical line that you think is going to lead to 20 grandchildren and it doesn't, and you feel terrible 'cause you not only got rejected by the girl, but everybody in the bar saw that you got rejected, so there's that pain, and you know that pain is the way that the universe tells you that you did something wrong.

0:04:25.2 DK: So you assume that there was like a right way here, but evolution doesn't work that way. There's always a learning phase, and it's this learning that I want you to focus on. Because like I said in the beginning, if you get something right the very first time you do it, that's luck. If you have the balls to stay in and do it again, and you get it right on your second, third, or 1000th attempt, that is knowledge, and it's that knowledge that you want to be focusing on, gaining the knowledge, you can't control the outcome, but you can control the process, and you can pay attention to the data. And every time you get a little bit smarter, and by smarter, sometimes this can be like a conscious smarter or sometimes it can be like learning how to throw and catch a baseball, where it's not really a conscious smarter, but your body is learning as you do it.

0:05:28.7 DK: Now, here's the thing, and this is the huge thing that will rewire your brain so you can actually accomplish this. Without fucking up the first time, you would not get what you see as a negative emotion, and it's that negative emotion that nags you, so that when you go back into it, you're now prepared. So in the case of the person that sent me the email about Bitcoin, I said like, Hey, don't beat yourself up. The reason why you keep on thinking about that is because your brain is doing you the favor through emotionally nagging you to say, Hey, sometimes when people give business advice, it's advice that would work out. So that's your brain being smart with you and saying, Hey, dumbass, this is keeping you up at night, because next time you get presented with an opportunity, I want you to be very careful and consider it, and it doesn't mean you know jump in gung-ho, both feet to every opportunity after that. What it means is you know you blew an opportunity before, so you're really gonna pay attention to this opportunity. It means that the second time you go bowling, you're going to pay attention to the people that roll before you, you're gonna ask questions of the guys that can get strikes. That embarrassment is going to cause you to do your homework, to gain that knowledge, so when you do it the next time you have the knowledge and you can do better.

0:07:29.3 DK: It's the idea that, Hey, I remember...maybe it was elementary school for you, maybe it was high school. The first time that you got the balls or were stupid enough, or however you wanna look at it, where you went for the hot girl, you said, Hey, let's try it, let's go for the hot girl, and you went for the hot girl, and if you're normal and unless you got lucky or you have amazing genetics, chances are good, you embarrassed the hell out of yourself, and what did that teach you, with girls? That taught you that you have no fucking clue what you're doing, and that you're basically spineless [chuckle] and you've got some shit to work on. And so you knew then from there that, hey, maybe the next time, since I have no practice in this, that I wanna go for a girl, maybe instead of going for the most popular girl in the school, maybe I'll go for like a normal girl somewhere in the middle, and I'm going to pay attention to what I'm doing, and I'm gonna try to figure out when I get a response that I don't want, that that pain is gonna say, "Hey, let's figure out why I'm getting this response."

0:08:40.9 DK: So this is something that I want you guys to realize, because especially if you're a driven type A personality that is on board with, "I gotta get it, I gotta get it, I gotta get it." which is great, this shit will keep you up at night. And the next time you're sitting in bed, can't sleep because you've got some regret of something that you've fucked up, here's the magic to deal with it. All you have to do is realize that that pain, that obsessive thinking that's keeping you up at night, that's not letting you sleep is a benefit to you, and as soon as you acknowledge what that is and you realize why it's there, you can take a breath and just realize that, hey, it's part of the process. Remember that if you get it right the first time, that's luck. When you get it right after that, that's knowledge. That's when you've done something, that is when you've gained some skill, and it's the skill that is gonna make your life easier to live over the long-term.

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