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Get a Verizon Refund

DK Episode 4 - May 23, 2019 - Duration: 11:06

Drawk Kwast calls customer support for Verizon, and gets two weeks of free service.


0:00:08.6 Drawk Kwast: Okay, so what are we doing? I'm getting you used to the idea that when you see something out in the world that you disagree with, or is stupid, or annoys you, you call in to the customer service phone number for the company that's responsible for it. The basic idea is, I want to get you programmed that when you see stuff that isn't cool, you do something about it. That's the alpha male thing to do. There are no alpha males out there that when faced with things that are retarded, just turn around and walk the other direction. It's not how we're wired. So this is a way of practicing that, that when you see something that doesn't make sense or annoys you, you go towards it to try to fix it, to make your life better and the life better for those around you. Okay, so the last two videos, there was no money involved. It did not matter how that practice went. There was nothing that was gonna become of it other than practice. But now we're going to the big leagues. Once you've practiced, and you wanna keep on practicing the rest of your life, once you've practiced getting good with customer service, then something is gonna come up where some company actually attacks you or tries to steal from you, and now you're gonna use those same skills to bite back at them.

0:01:49.0 DK: Let me show you an example. My cell phone provider decided to not give me service for a little while. Now, here's how this works. I have an agreement with my cell phone provider that for a certain amount of money, I get access to their network. When that company fails to provide what they're contractually obligated to do, provide me service, like their network goes down, I have to tear into them, and there has to be some kind of a loss on their end, because if there is no loss on their end, they won't fix the behavior, and if they're doing the same behavior to many people that all bite back and they all suffer a loss when these people bite back, these companies will modify their behavior. Okay, enough talking. I'm just gonna show you how this works.

0:02:44.9 Verizon IVR: Welcome to Verizon Wireless. [foreign language]

0:02:49.9 VIVR: Starting with the area code, please enter the Verizon Wireless number you're calling about. One moment, please. [music]

0:03:04.0 VIVR: To make a payment now or for other payment options, press one. If you're calling in response to a recent message from Verizon Wireless, two, continue to the main menu, press three. Please re-enter your selection. To make a... To assist you, please say the reason for your call today. Alright, let me get you to someone who can help. For security purposes, please enter the last four digits of the primary account holder's Social Security or federal tax ID number. Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.

0:03:45.6 Verizon Representative: Hello, thank you for calling. My name is Kristen. May I please have your first and last name?

0:03:49.9 DK: Yes, Kristen, Drawk Kwast Holdings is the account. Before we get started, are you in America?

0:03:57.6 VR: I am.

0:04:00.5 DK: Okay, fantastic. We can continue then. So do you have my account up on your screen, or do you need the cell number?

0:04:06.8 VR: Can you spell your last name, please?

0:04:08.4 DK: K-W-A-S-T.

0:04:10.0 VR: Excellent. I have the account up. Thank you for that. Okay, and what can I do for you today?

0:04:17.5 DK: I am sure you're aware that Southern California Verizon customers are very, very cranky today. Are you aware of all the network problems that you've had?

0:04:29.5 VR: Yeah, we've had a few problems today.

0:04:31.4 DK: A few? [laughter] Come on, let's not underestimate this. documents all of the problems, and it is ridiculous. So unfortunately, today was the big day for me, and not only was I having trouble, but the person that I was calling was having trouble, and we couldn't communicate during a very large business deal. So what I need you to do for me is, if you can look at this account, I realize that there is some of the money that is going towards a purchase on an iPhone and an iPad, and some of the money is for service. What I need for you to do me today is take the service amount for this month and issue a credit for that, please.

0:05:22.2 VR: For the entire month?

0:05:24.3 DK: Yes.

0:05:26.0 VR: Okay, I will certainly have to get an approval for that.

0:05:30.3 DK: I understand. If you could connect me with the person that's got the authority to do that, I would appreciate it.

0:05:37.6 VR: Okay, first of all, I apologize that your service was terrible today.

0:05:46.5 DK: Terrible is an understatement. I had it hang up in the middle of a very important call. When I called back, I got everything from fast busy to weird cryptic messages like the network's been flooded, access code, something, something, something, error this, this, this. I mean, ridiculous is not a word that I am using to exaggerate this. Ridiculous is the amount of problems we had today.

0:06:16.8 VR: Yeah, I had some issues in my system this morning. Okay, I'm just gonna go in and place you on a brief hold and...

0:06:28.6 DK: Thank you.

0:06:29.5 VR: It should just take a moment, okay?

0:06:30.1 DK: Okay. I'll wait patiently.

0:06:31.7 VR: Thank you.

0:06:33.2 VIVR: [automated voice]

0:06:38.0 DK: I fucking love this game.

0:06:40.5 VR: Okay, sir, thank you so much for holding.

0:06:42.7 DK: No problem.

0:06:44.4 VR: Okay, I'm authorized to cover half of the monthly charges. So it's $78, I'm authorized to do about $39 to $40.

0:06:58.2 DK: Fair enough. I'll meet you halfway because you've been very accommodating. I appreciate that.

0:07:02.6 VR: Okay, thank you, no problem. And let me just go ahead and apply that, apply this ticket here.

0:07:13.3 DK: And while you're applying that, do you have like a employee number or just something that I can reference?

0:07:19.5 VR: I do. How about my name?

0:07:22.4 DK: Or like a number for the credit? That works too, if you got like a note number for it or anything, just so I can reference this if I need to in the future.

0:07:30.6 VR: Absolutely. Okay. Okay, can I place you on hold while I apply this? It will just take a minute, okay?

0:07:39.0 DK: Yeah, no worries. I'll wait for you.

0:07:42.1 VR: Okay, sir, thank you again for holding. I did go ahead and apply that credit, so you will see that within 24 hours...

0:07:50.4 DK: Actually, it looks like it sent an email. I have, let's see... Oh no, it just says, "Your next bill is spelled out." No surprises. "Oh, charges credit on your next bill... " This is really, really confusing. [laughter] Oh, okay, I see down at the bottom, I really had to scroll here, but I see, "Next bill, 106.04," so I'm guessing that... Yeah, if you have like 43 bucks or something, like that was what the credit was for?

0:08:24.8 VR: $40.

0:08:27.3 DK: Yeah, so that's...

0:08:28.0 VR: It says on my... Yeah.

0:08:29.0 DK: Okay. Yeah, fantastic. I see that on here. I really, really appreciate your help. Thank you. Have yourself a great afternoon.

0:08:35.4 DK: Okay, first things first in the spirit of transparency, as you guys probably noticed, there wasn't a lot of hold time on that call. We did edit the call slightly. We took out all the on-hold music, it was very boring anyways, and we also edited out the parts where I typed in my phone number and typed in the tax ID number for my company. As you heard, I was calling in on a company account. So we still have a copy of the original of the call, and there would be a copy of the original of the call at Verizon in their customer support department. So you could always go back to that if somebody accuses us of weird editing techniques or deception that way. That being said, we shortened it to respect your time. Now, you might have noticed that at the end of the day, we were only talking about $40. I asked in the beginning for a whole month. That was the Donald Trump style of pretending you're insane and asking for the moon so they give you what you really want. I was completely happy with the $40 which represents a half-month of service. My phone was not down for a half-month.

0:09:47.1 DK: So that went okay. The other thing to mention on the dollar thing is this. If you're a younger guy and you've got a lot of free time, you can waste time, your time isn't that expensive. But if you're a software developer like me, or you're a plastic surgeon, or you're a lawyer, your time might be more valuable to you. So it might not make sense for you to spend as much time as I did to get $40 back from your cell phone provider. But the one thing you wanna keep in mind is this. If you don't get any practice doing that stuff, first when there's no money, then when it's basically lunch money, and then taking it up a notch from there, you'll never get good at it. If you're practiced though at that, when it's something important, like you're negotiating for a brand new car, or there's lawyers involved and it's a circus, it's this type of practice that will keep you calm and make it so you don't get screwed. I'll keep the videos coming.

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