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Elon Musk buys Twitter

DK Episode 37 - April 28, 2022 - Duration: 06:48

Drawk Kwast talks about Elon Musk buying Twitter... The Left has lost their safe space.


0:00:01.1 Drawk Kwast: So, Elon Musk buys Twitter. Hmm, ain't that interesting? I did not see that one coming. In fact, not only did I not see it coming, but when I was warned or tipped off rather, that it was gonna happen, I didn't believe the tips that I was seeing. The reason why is because there's this problem with the human brain wiring, where we easily believe lies that we want to believe. Meaning, the idea of someone like Elon Musk, "Mr. Free Speech Absolutist," taking over Twitter and fixing it, is unbelievable to me. That we're actually going to start to see an even playing field again. That's just like the most awesome thing ever. We'll see how it goes. [chuckle]

0:01:00.8 DK: There's a couple of comments I wanted to make on this. The first thing I wanted to say is, it's gonna be all over for the Left at this point. I truly think this. And the reason why is because if you take a small, hurt, scared animal, which defines most Leftists... We'll add "confused" too. And you put this weak person in a padded room by themselves where all they do is look at flowers all day long, and get pampered, and their insecurities and insanities get reinforced, and nobody is allowed to criticize them or question them or present them any hard facts that would contradict their delusions. If you grow up in an environment like that, like Twitter, and then all of a sudden you go out into the real world and you have to deal with real shit again, you're too weak to deal with it. So by these people living in their safe spaces, when you take the safe space away, they can't survive.

0:02:16.7 DK: Now, on the other side, the interesting evolutionary stuff that's happening here, right? You have people like me that have been shadow banned forever, outright banned forever. For some reason, my emails never make it through to the other side if it's going through a platform like Gmail, that now, if they figured out you're not an insane Leftist, they're like, "Oh, well, maybe we don't deliver your email." For those of us [chuckle] that have had to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, where the system has never reinforced our beliefs, and we just have to rely on our own logic and argument, we're strong. So when all of a sudden the world balances out again, and the insane Leftists aren't sheltered and the Rightists, the people that are right. [chuckle] Like me, I'm right. Those people are gonna flourish because all of a sudden you're taking all of these things away from 'em that were holding 'em down, right? So all of a sudden, level the playing field. It's gonna be interesting. It will be interesting.

0:03:37.1 DK: And then the last thing I just wanted to mention on this is, I know we're past the argument of why this is right or wrong to censor people online like that. But there's just one thing I wanted to say. This was an argument that I came up with a while ago and never made a video about. And it goes like this. What if your telephone company treated you like Twitter, where I go to call one of my friends some day and I get a recording that says, "I'm sorry, the person you're trying to call is bad, and we've turned off their account." What if when you were having conversations, you knew that there were people listening to everything you were saying, and if you said something they didn't like, you're gonna be punished for it?

0:04:36.6 DK: There's no other platform in the world other than the internet where people think this is normal. And the only reason why people think it's normal is because it snuck up on us, and we never did the math on it, right? What if the people that rented you your home, they installed security cameras inside and they watched everything 24/7, and they said, "Well, we're just doing this for your safety." Would you tell them to fuck off? What if they came with the argument, "Well, we just wanna make sure you don't hurt yourself." And then maybe you bought the argument for a while. And then one day you asked them, "Hey, do you have a 'security' camera in my bathroom?" Oh, you do. So you watch me shower. Oh, okay. Well, that's totally fine. Oh, and what's this I hear about selling metadata to China? Oh, you're selling my security footage, masturbation in the shower videos to China? But it's okay, it's metadata. No one will ever know it's me."

0:05:49.8 DK: It's just ridiculous. Just apply the thinking to anywhere else. Anywhere else, it doesn't work. It doesn't make sense. And bless Elon Musk, because we're gonna find out how unbalanced things were, maybe. 5%, 10% chance that somehow he's fucking with them to get it all out in the open, and doesn't buy anything. That could happen too. I guess, with Elon, he can surprise us.

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