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Does She Have a Job?

DK Episode 26 - July 21, 2020 - Duration: 03:46

If you want to guess how a girl is likely to behave in a relationship with you, listen to her when she talks about work.


0:00:00.0 Drawk Kwast: While I don't care much about a girl's bank balance, I learn everything I need to know about what type of companion she will be from one simple question. Does she have a job? I divide girls into one of three types. The first type is a girl who's been at the same job for years. The second type is a girl who always has a job, but changes jobs frequently. And the third is a girl who is unemployed. The best girlfriends I've had were at the same job for years. In most cases, they could have probably changed jobs at some point for slightly higher pay, but they valued the stability of staying where they were comfortable. These girls would occasionally work overtime and didn't complain much about their work environment. How did this translate into their relationships with me?

0:01:00.0 DK: They were committed to our relationship and happy in it. They would do things like bring me chicken noodle soup when I was sick. The sex was slow and sensual with lots of cuddling after. Girls that always have a job yet change jobs frequently are the "climbing-the-corporate-ladder" type. When these girls arrive at a new job, the first thing they do is start looking for their next job. In relationships, they tend to behave the same way. I was the best thing in their lives for about two weeks. And then, they would get distracted like a child with ADD who just noticed a bright shiny thing on the other side of the room. Keeping a girl like this happy is impossible. So, you enjoy the two weeks for what it is and move on. The sex was better than average, but always had this strangeness to it the next morning.

0:02:01.0 DK: And then, there were the unemployed. After hearing the stories of why from a few hundred girls, I realized that the story never mattered much. These girls lack the capacity for any grounding structure in their lives. Most of them were "party girls". And, even if they sobered up, they would still behave like a bipolar 3-year-old. The sex was amazing! We're talking porn movie quality, sloppy, monkey sex. The only mistake you can make with these girls, however, is to give them your phone number or home address. Extreme fun for one night. But if you keep them for more than 24 hours, the stability of your life will quickly disintegrate, along with your sanity and usually your bank account.

0:03:00.0 DK: My advice: Be a man whore. Seriously. Part of becoming a real man is having a variety of sexual encounters with many different types of women. But see reality for what it is and different girls for what they are. It's like knowing the difference between sugar, salt, and cocaine. While they all may look very similar, only an idiot would get confused and complain that the cocaine doesn't taste right.

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Let's go Brandon!

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Fri. - Sep. 24, 2021 - 10:17 PM (Pacific)

If masks prevent COVID-19 and you have one on, why do you care if I have one? If vaccines prevent COVID-19 and you are vaccinated, why do you care if I'm vaccinated? If never leaving your house prevents COVID-19, why do you want me to stay home rather than you? And if you can't answer any of those three questions, isn't it obvious that you have no idea what you're talking about? I'm done with this bullshit, go fuck yourself.

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