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Power Communication: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 2

Power Communication: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 2 by Drawk KwastThis book is the culmination of street smarts, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and evolutionary psychology, combined with an overdose of testosterone. For thousands of years, the secrets within have been used by the world's most powerful men as they ignored the politically correct, embraced their primal instinct, and won battles through the obscene use of superior mental firepower. From the boardroom to the bedroom, these are the communication skills that will enable you to become the master of any domain, situation, or person.

Power Communication: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 2 $18.53

Also available for Kindle, iBook, and Nook
Paperback (368 Pages)



You and I are known by many names: rebel, heathen, and seducer, to name a few. Why do they call us these names? At some point, we found the box that society wanted us to live in very uncomfortable, so we abandoned it. At this point, most of us don't even remember what the inside of that box looked like, but we remember how painful it was, and we know we're never going back. They told us that life outside of the box would be difficult, yet we flourished. They continue to call us irresponsible, reckless, and unprofessional as we enjoy a life of money, women, and power far beyond their reach. We may live by a forbidden code, but ours is a group for which membership is open to anyone with the balls to join and brains to thrive. As I write this, I assume that you are already one of us. If you are not, this book may be your only chance to join us.

What you hold in front of you right now contains the secrets we use to communicate our ideas in such a powerful way that it changes the reality of how much money we earn, who we date, and what we have influence over. You are about to embark on a journey beginning with the simplest core concepts and leading to an understanding of the very nature of reality itself.

Inside You Will Discover...

Part 1: Linguistics
Gateway to the human mind

Change your language, and you change your thinking. As you master language, you take control of your unconscious thoughts. You will then discover the power to influence the unconscious thoughts of others, without them ever being aware of it.

Part 2: Paralinguistics
Adding the power of emotion

Words lacking emotion are empty and powerless. When you fill words with emotion, you give them power. As your words become more powerful, you become more powerful.

Part 3: The Art of Physical Space
Attention and compliance from a commanding presence

Body language is a term used by those who will never posses more than a limited understanding of the concept. A truly powerful man claims attention and compliance not only with his body, but also through his masterful display of physical objects. As you gain a full understanding of these concepts, your influence will extend throughout your environment.

Part 4: Eye Contact
Exploiting the window of the soul

Move beyond your fears, and you find the willpower to look directly at people as you talk with them. You will then discover the power to truly "see" them. There will be no mask, emotional wall, or power of deception enough to cloud your vision. You will instantly understand people at the deepest level as you gain hypnotic power over them.

Part 5: Questions vs. Statements
Abandoning the unknown for the power of what is

The masses, being weak and confused, search for answers by asking questions. Leaders assume command by using statements to give the masses what they want. You will learn how to know what others want without asking, as they hand over power to the one person with all the answers: you.

Part 6: Limited Sensory Communication
Extending your influence beyond your reach

As you harness the power of technology to communicate beyond the barrier of distance, you discover a unique set of obstacles. Where the power of most men fades, you will learn, quite literally, the art of remote control.

Part 7: Humor
The key to any lock

In the hands of a master, humor is one of communication's most devastating tools. It has the power to dismantle defenses and turn combative people into instant allies. You will discover that the only thing better than getting what you want is having people deliver it with a smile.

Part 8: Congruency
Use of the unstoppable force

Most men are crippled by doubt and indifference. Their conflicting thoughts and actions wastefully scatter their energy. They are their own worst enemy. As you claim control of your own mind, you find focus and efficiency, combined with a state of constant action. Achievement of your goals is no longer a question of "if" but "when." The more congruent you are, the faster it will happen.

The concepts in this book build on the ones presented in Domination Basics: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 1. Please be sure you have read Domination Basics before purchasing this product.

Power Communication: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 2 $18.53

Also available for Kindle, iBook, and Nook
Paperback (368 Pages)

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